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ShadowFlame Burst Contest

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Send us your best screenshot and win AdventureCoins!
From now until this Wednesday, April 8th, send us your best screenshot and we'll reward AdventureCoins to our favorite entries!
First winning entry: the beastness and alphasonik 

Burst Contest Details

Burst contests are a new way for us to reward our heroes for getting in-game and battling! Themes, time periods, and rewards will change from contest to contest, so keep an eye on the Design Notes!

  • What: Log in at and take the BEST screenshot you can of you and your friends battling in the Shadowflame release!
  • When: April 5 - 8th
  • Where: Take screenshots in /shadowstrike, /gravestrike, or any of the /shadowflame war maps!
  • Why: Because giving out rewards is fun, and so is getting them!
  • How: Send your entries to our contest twitter account, post them in this thread on Facebook, or in this forum thread!

Winners be chosen on a rolling basis and rewards awarded (as we see entries coming in that we like), then winners will be posted in the Design Notes later this week!

Burst Contest Rules

The rules are very simple:

  • Submit your screenshot between April 5 - 8th to our Twitter or Facebook accounts or the forum thread.
  • Screenshots should not be edited, just a straight, unaltered picture from the game. (Not sure how to take a screenshot? Read this!)
  • Your AQW account name must be visible in the screenshot (either above your character or in the upper-left portrait corner)
  • All accounts in taking part in the screenshot will win some amount of AdventureCoins as long as we can clearly see their AQW account names.
  • You are allowed to submit your character during a cutscene, but will need to link your character page in the entry so we can identify your account.

Tip: Minimize your in-game chat. Do not crop your screenshot. In battlescenes, try to show class skills or monster attacks going off. If you're taking a cutscene screenshot, appearance counts (so equip your best gear!)
We reserve the right to choose as many winners as we want based on entries that are awesome, make us laugh, make us make this face (O_O), or entertain us in any way.

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