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ShadowFlame DragonSlayer

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Unlock the ShadowFlame Gear with Any AC package over $10 USD

Fight fire with fire in Embersea! When the Shadowscythe and Fire Dragon armies combine to take on the Queen of Monsters, things are going to get HOT! /Equip the ShadowFlame Dragonscale armor to keep the battle moving as you push towards victory! Starting tonight at 6 PM server time, get your gauntlets on the ShadowFlame DragonSlayer gear!

12k AC package: 22 items

Get all 22 items with a 12,000 AC package - 4 items exclusive to the 12k AC package plus every item included in the other AC tier.

  • An exclusive set (armor, 2 helms, cape, and weapon) PLUS
  • 2 more armors
  • 6 helms
  • 4 weapons
  • 5 capes

2k and 5k AC packages: 16 items

Equip yourself to face down the Lord of the Fire Dragons: get 16 items with either a 2,000 or 5,000 AC package!

  • 2 armors: Necrotic ShadowFlame Warrior and ShadowFlame DragonSlayer Armor
  • 6 helms
  • 4 weapons
  • 5 capes

Shadowflame AC Rares Shop

Select items from the Fyreborn Tigermaster sets will also be available for individual purchase from your game menu.

  • ShadowFlame DragonSlayer Armor
  • 4 helms
  • 2 weapons
  • 3 capes

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