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=AQW= Q&A Helpful Information - PLEASE READ!

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When making your thread: Please ensure the thread name itself is a clear question (or clearly explains the issue). This way people will have an easier time giving you the help you need, as they will know what you're wanting before even opening your thread.

Good Examples;

Where do I get the *item name here*?
How do I finish the *quest line here*?
Wanting to know about *class name here* worth and uses.

Bad Examples;

Quick Question!
What's this?

If your thread contains several questions about a topic, please do your best to let posters know that in your title line (ie, 'Questions about *rep type* quests and items'). Should you not know the name of an item, zone or class and have that as the focus of your question/s please use a format such as 'Questions about unknown zone/item/class'.

Some threads or posts are deleted as they belong in other current threads or other forums. Below is a list of some of the above mentioned threads and forums.

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